I don’t like to dicsekeding, but my money grow thousandszeres in nine years


Sting eladja New York-i lakását.

Dear Mr. Sting! Good day, hello. My name is Mr. Lawrence Butcher, I living in Europa, Hungary’s legnew main town, Upcsroad, where I am the civilmeister. I listen that you sell firstclass penthouse or keylock in New York City. Well, I want to buy. To be őszinte, I buy everything you don’t need, and much more. Not so rég I buy lake Balaton. Plattensee, junó. I buy lot of country newspapers. Earths. Rivers. Whatever.

I don’t like to dicsekeding, but my money grow thousandszeres in nine years. Facebook could only make sixhundredszeres in ten years – but as I used to say, I am a bit smarter than Mr. Zuckerberg. What is my secret be, you can ask, my dear Mr. Sting – OK, I tell you, my secret is nothing else but work, szorgalom, attitude. And, but it is not secret, my best friend, a simple ministerpresident, a great humanitarian, a very szerény worldchanger, who never ever lied so far. Yes, he, who. I love him so.

OK, let’s talk about business. You want 56 million USD. Hm. Sorry bit too much, Mr. Fúlánk. Do you know that who is my tolmács? She is a real lady, Ildikó Vida – maybe you remember, some years ago she had in Budapest a very good friend, André, and she also talks very good English tongue. She was tax office leader – so now we both reménykedünk, that you will pay taxes exact in the USA, because we know in 2008 you buy that penthouse only 27 million, so if you make 29 million extraprofit, after which you should pay tax for Mr. Trump and american nation also. True? But you not idiot.

Let me give you one ajánlat: I pay 20 million USD cash, than we write smart papers junó, with that you say to USA tax office little lie you lose 7 million USD, so you nothing pay, outvétel a 3 million back to my offshore company. Oké? If yes, what I hoping very, I give you extra surprise for free. You can guitar and sing the song of the Hungarian Togetherness, title I Was Dreaming of a Peach Tree, or a very popular hit, For a Free Country – and let me tell you can work with Csaba and Thomas Thick, Alexander Eagleburger, Andras Kallay-Saunders, Feró Big, or the world famous tattoo-badboys heavy-rockband Hooligans. If you climb hit list, you give me 10 percent of all profit, thank you előre.

Mr. Sting, at last please let me ask one heartesség: I know that you have friend Robert de Niro. Sorry that Mr. de Niro is liberal and communist artist, and secret agent of George Soros, but I want message him, that I heard he had 20 million USD for film Még egy kis pánik. That was 6 milliard HUF. In átlag I make 6 milliard HUF in 3 weeks. And no idiot films about taxi drivers and rezsibull and ilyenek!!! This is just a short message Mr. de Niro, because I don’t like he makes Wizard of Lies of a bigbig money csaló, and he don’t want ask my szaktanács… That hurts alot… So Mr. Sting, please tell communist migrant de Niro, I make more money in a year than he makes in his life… I eat him up if I want. Have a good day, waiting answer my secretary about cheap penthouse. Ciao, Lawrence.

Boda András

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